Problem statement:
When a screen session get disconnected abruptly, it is somehow troublesome to reconnect it.
 screen -r

we get,

 There is a screen on:  (06/19/2014 12:42:40 AM) (Attached) There is no screen to be resumed matching .

It shows the screen is still there but inaccessible from the current tty.

Link: Savannah GNU bug entry


The screen is still attached to the TTY and when we try to reconnect it with

 screen -r

it can not reattach it with the tty requesting for reattach. With -r option; the screen tries to notify the tty still linked with it, but since the tty is hung screen waits for the timeout.


The most easy and shortest solution is

 screen -D -r
Another solution is :

Find out the tty screen is attached to.

 ~ ps -ef | grep screen 
geekological 2312 3612 0 02:10 ttyp1 00:00:00 screen -r

Find the bash login for the above tty, for the above one 3612 is the process id for tty

 ~ ps -ef | grep 3612 
geekological 3612 3607 0 01:19 ttyp1 00:00:00 -bash

Now kill that process

 ~ kill -9 3607
 ~ screen -r

Now reattach the screen without any trouble with the above command.